About the CORE Localities

About the Fairfax CORE Localities

Fairfax County consists of approximately 400 square miles. Within the County limits are three incorporated towns (Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna) and two independent cities (Fairfax and Falls Church).

The cities operate completely independently from the County, and have their own permitting, taxing and licensing requirements and resources.

Town residents and businesses are also County residents and businesses. The towns have varying requirements and resources and may also be regulated and permitted by the County.

CAUTION:  There are areas of Fairfax County that share the names of localities (e.g., Clifton, Herndon, Vienna, Fairfax and Falls Church). Please be sure to confirm the actual location (in Fairfax County or in a locality) at the start of your research. 

How to Find Your Locality

Enter the address into the Master Address Repository | GIS and Mapping Services (fairfaxcounty.gov)

Type in the address, in the boxes on the left side. If the property is in Fairfax County, a map will appear, and associated addresses will appear below the map. Click on the green pin to confirm your jurisdiction. Properties in Fairfax County and the towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna will include: “Jurisdiction:” followed by the jurisdiction name. See the examples below.

Map 1: Result for an Address in Fairfax County

MAR result in County

Map 2: Result for an Address in the Town of Vienna

MAR Result for an Address in the Town of Vienna

Fig. 3: Result for a Valid Address in Fairfax City, No Record in MAR

Addresses in the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church will not return any results. If the mailing address contains Fairfax or Falls Church and you do not see results here, please contact them directly.

Still not sure? Contact Fairfax CORE

For Businesses Located in Our Towns and Cities

Read about the localities and their specific requirements to start and operate a business in the Fairfax CORE Guide for Town or City-based Businesses.