Business Growth Guide

Business Growth Guide

A guide to growing your business in Fairfax County

Congratulations! Your business survived the “startup” stage of the organizational life cycle and has the intent and capacity to grow. Your “growth” stage will present different challenges.  At the end of this guide, you will find free Fairfax CORE business counselors and other experts who can help you, and information to find upcoming learning opportunities.


Take time to clearly define your business idea.

Growth happens in many ways. Some opportunities for growth include:

  • Adding a new product or service.
  • Relocating your business from your home or shared space, or adding a location.
  • Expanding into a new market.
  • Adding capacity to serve more customers whether by adding employees, bringing on a partner, adding hours, or changing the way your business operates.


Revisit Your Business Plan, Your Finances, and Your Permits

Treat your expansion or evolution as though you were starting a new business.

  • Update your business plan and review it with a business counselor.
  • Review your existing licenses, registrations, and approvals to see if they need to be updated.
  • Evaluate your funding needs and seek funding, if necessary.

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Update Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing needs likely will depend on the type of growth you envision.

You may need to do a new market study to determine the best location for your growth. Maybe you will be using new social media platforms to advertise your product or service. Will your expansion involve engaging a new customer base? If your growth requires new marketing information, Fairfax CORE can help.

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Find an Accelerator or Growth Program

Look for a program or cohort for growth-oriented businesses.

Your cohort doesn’t have to be in the same business, but it helps to connect with business owners at the same stage. Coworking spaces, pitch competitions, and scaling programs can provide support at this stage.


Check Your Permits

Make sure you have the right approvals for your growth.

  • If you are moving from one space to another, or expanding or modifying your space, make sure that you have the appropriate construction permits. You may also need to revisit your permits if the characteristics of your business have changed (e.g., you added a new product, or service).
  • If you are adding employees, make sure that you understand your obligations as an employer


Expand your connections.

Whether you are looking for a partner, to share space, to find employees, or new customers, a strong network can make your search easier.

Fairfax County is home to more than two dozen chambers of commerce and similar business support and networking organizations. Search the interactive map to find the one closest to your business or your clients.



Outsource If It Helps

Consider outsourcing some of the tasks associated with your business so that you can focus on the expansion


Expand your skills and/or your knowledge base.

As you consider growth, you may need to expand your skills. Fairfax CORE partners offer classes and events for learners at all stages. From one-hour webinars and self-paced modules to degree programs and everything in between, you can find what you are looking for here.

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Connect with an Expert

Fairfax CORE Resource Partners are available to help you with your growth plan.

Search the Resource Navigator on your own, or use one of these pre-executed searches: