Guide for Town or City-based Businesses

Guide for Town or City-based Businesses

Information for businesses in the Towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna,

and the Cities of Fairfax and Falls Church

Fairfax County consists of approximately 400 square miles. Within the County limits are three incorporated towns (Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna) and two independent cities (Fairfax and Falls Church).

The cities operate completely independently from the County, and have their own permitting, taxing and licensing requirements and resources.

Town residents and businesses are also County residents and businesses. The towns have varying requirements and resources and may also be regulated and permitted by the County.

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Want to confirm your location? See: About the CORE Localities.

CAUTION:  There are areas of Fairfax County that share the names of each of the localities (e.g., Clifton, Herndon, Vienna, Fairfax, Falls Church). Please be sure to confirm the locality at the start of your research. 

Town of Clifton

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Businesses in the Town of Clifton require at least the following:

  • a location permit (home-based, or commercial) from the Planning Commission
  • a BPOL license from the Town Treasurer

Town Businesses pay Business Tangible (or Business Personal) Property tax to Fairfax County.

Zoning approvals are granted by the Town. Building permits and inspections are generally issued through Fairfax County, with the consent of the Town.

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Town of Herndon

Launching a business in the Town of Herndon? This step-by-step guide will help get you started. Please contact the town’s economic development office for additional information.

Businesses in the Town of Herndon get their location permit and their BPOL license from the Town and pay business tangible (business personal) property tax to Fairfax County.

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Town of Vienna

This new business guide will help get you started. Looking to grow? The Town of Vienna has support to grow your business.

Businesses in the Town of Vienna get their location permit (home-based or commercial permit) and their BPOL license from the Town and pay business tangible (business personal) property tax to Fairfax County.

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Fairfax City

The Permits and Licensing Service is designed to centralize all of City of Fairfax’s permits and licensing information in one location, with links for different classifications of customers: residential, business, utility companies, construction and remodeling.

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City of Falls Church

The City of Falls Church’s Economic Development Office’s website has lots of useful information about business incentives, getting a business license, and a certificate of occupancy, as well as a list of available commercial space and other useful information.

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