Guide to Starting a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Startup Guide

Information and assistance for starting your nonprofit business in Fairfax County

Nonprofits share many characteristics of for-profit businesses, but they have unique characteristics as well. Here are some steps and resources to consider as you start your nonprofit organization.

Six Steps to Starting a Nonprofit in Fairfax County and Where to Turn for Help

Read the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority’s Six-Step Guide.

Assistance for Religious Uses and Nonprofit Community Groups in Fairfax County

The Nonprofit and Religious Use Coordinator guides organizations through the county’s zoning and permitting requirements for non-residential land development and construction. This service is provided as part of the Project Management Program.

The coordinator can help you anytime during the development process. Places of worship are allowed by right in most areas zoned as industrial or commercial after approval of a parking tabulation and a building permit. For other zoning classifications, a special permit or special exception is required. You can get acquainted with the zoning and development process by reviewing this development process overview.

The coordinator can provide help with the following:

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Selected Tax Information for Nonprofits

The Virginia Constitution generally requires that all property shall be taxed, but state law does provide certain exemptions. The burden of showing that an exemption applies is on the person who seeks an exemption. Exemptions to the property tax are strictly construed. Accordingly, if you seek an exemption, you should be able to show that the property is within an exemption provided by state law.

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Additional Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations