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Business Guides

Guidance for businesses based on stage and industry

Business Startup Guide

Steps to starting your business

Information and support for conceptualization through launch.Read The Guide »

Business Capital Guide

Seeking funding

Calculate your how much money you will need and learn about possible funding sources.Read The Guide »

Business Growth Guide

Support for growing or evolving businesses

Get connected to business development organizations, activate your customer base, and propel your business forward.Read The Guide »

Industry-Specific Information

Guidance for specific business types

We have curated step-by-step guidance for certain common businesses. Find it here.Read The Guide »

Information for Town and City Businesses

Locality-specific guidance

Information to start and grow in the incorporated towns and cities in Fairfax County.Read The Guide »

Fairfax County Home-Based Businesses

Considering a home-based business?

Here’s what you need to know to establish a home-based business in Fairfax County.Read The Guide »

Nonprofit Startup Guide

Resources for nonprofits

Understand the unique requirements and resources for nonprofit businesses.Read The Guide »

Doing Business with Fairfax County

How to sell to Fairfax County

Fairfax County has resources to help you navigate the process of becoming a vendor.Read The Guide »